October 13

Let’s Get Ready to Sell


So, you want to sell your home.

Before we get into it the nitty gritty, know you have to prepare yourself for the process. It will take some time and money, but we want to help you make the most of both! Patience is key throughout entirety of the process, as well as effective communication.

Now, let’s jump in! To have your home properly listed, you should follow these three steps: call your realtor, cure defects, add value.


Seriously, call us the very moment you consider selling. Though we do love selling homes, know so much good comes from getting your realtor involved right from the beginning. Remember, we know how to sell homes. Realtors know what to look for, what increases sale-ability, adds value, and we know the right changes to make. We’ll keep your budget in mind and guide you through the whole process.

Something unique about Home Basics Real Estate is our network of home improvement professionals we often have work on the rentals we manage. Forget trying to find the best people to hire, we already know them.


A home defect is a specific issue with a system or component of the home which may have a significant, negative impact on the value of the property. Some defects even pose an unreasonable risk to people. They are essentially aspects of the home which are performing less than adequate for the use. Defects are sometimes hard for home owners to identify because they’ve lived with them for some time, and have probably gotten used to them.

Whether it is peeling paint, hidden water damage, bad sewer lines or rusted pipes, cracks in the driveway or foundation, outdated wiring, or whatever it may be – one or a combination of these can really hurt your chances at selling. Cure them and you’ve got a solid home to sell!


Many believe the way to sell a home is to just make it pretty. While it is true – styling and staging are huge – they are only part of the process. Adding value to your home in more impactful ways is the best way to go. Like we said in last section, curing defects is very important and by doing so you’re adding value to the home. However, after you’ve cured, start tackling other parts of the home.

A couple of our biggest suggestions would be to work on the landscaping and brighten up the entryway.

Landscaping – Consider curb appeal and cleanliness. With a little cash and elbow grease, you can totally elevate the home and make a strong first impression. A well maintained, clean lawn draws attention, which in turn makes it easier to sell your home. No one wants to see weeds, overgrown lawns, or dried out patches. Don’t lose buyers’ interest with poor landscaping.

Entryways – Entryways are the first page of a home, like the first page in book which makes you want to keep reading. You want your home to speak to potential buyers right from the beginning. A bright, clean entry way to inviting and allow buyers to get the “at-home” feeling is the direction. It makes them curious about the rest of the home which is what we all want, right?

To make your home stand out in the seemingly endless number of listings can seem like a difficult task, but we’re ready to help! Let get started and get it listed!

If you are thinking about selling, email or call us today!

Office: (801) 802-7253

Email: marketing@homebasicsrealestate.com

Elizabeht Hansen

About the author

I am Elizabeht Hansen! My name is spelled a little differently because of a typo on my birth certificate. I live in Utah with my husband and dog. I work at Home Basics Real Estate in Orem, UT, as the Marketing and Sales Manager.I graduated Cum Laude from Utah Valley University, with my Bachelor of Science degree in Communication and an emphasis in Public Relations.When I'm not at work, I am playing Xbox with my husband, trying new recipes, binge watching the latest shows, or out on a walk.

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